The Hawk Eye is an online publication of Rockwall-Heath High School. The Hawk Eye wishes to provide an open forum for the students to discuss topics affecting their lives and the school. We reserve the right to edit and condense work so that it may fit the allotted space and so that it is grammatically and journalistically correct. Also, if you feel that you have problems with formatting and vocabulary, etc., buy term papers online. Thus, you will have a clear example and you can glean useful points. All letters to the editor, story comments, and other submitted work must be signed; however, names will be withheld upon request. All signed editorials and story comments are the opinion of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the views of the staff, adviser, or administration. The Hawk Eye updates its feature stories every three weeks and leaves all past stories to be archived on the website. Due to the fallibility of the Internet, the staff of The Hawk Eye reserves the right to alter or delete any story or site element without prior notice.