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December 13, 2010  
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By: Yared Haile

Teaching effectiveness is the teacher's ability to convey thoughts and educational material to students. Thus, the involvement of various methods, technologies and books, with the acquisition of which mba essay writers can help, promotes to learn the material faster, and to reproduce it better.

Hawk eye news would like to recognize Mr. Rogers as our RHHS teacher of the Month. Some of his more dull students may think of him as just some particularly effective English teacher while his more quick students may be a little more suspicious of his masterful methods.

Well I decided to write this article to provide an answer to all of his whiplashed students and anyone else who is as enamored and intrigued with the man of room 3212 as his students. While I fully expected this story to be an illuminating report of this mystery man, what I didn’t expect was to end up writing about an extraordinary person with an even more exiting story (and also shame on you nosy students that went and hired some journalism mercenary to accuse such an awesome guy. Didn’t Mr. Rogers teach you better?).

The day I went to interview him in his room, it was empty. I immediately assumed he was on some superior secret government mission and decided to come back in an hour during advisory when he would have undoubtedly saved the world.

On the way back to the library, I saw him for the first time, and I couldn’t believe it… he looked like a regular guy! (He even packed his own lunch.) He told me he was having class in the library, and after his initial shock of being pronounced teacher of the week; he invited me to interview him there.

We sat down, and after swearing I had my questions in my pocket and Mr. Rogers searching for an outlet to plug his I-Pod into, we began the interview to the rhythm of Marvin Gaye’s “It takes two”. Not fooled for a second by his common disguise I began assaulting him with a hailstorm of the most direct and unconditional questions ever. I was ruthless. This is what he said.

Eight years ago before he started teaching, he managed his own real estate company for three years while also playing professional arena football. In August of 2009, Mr. Rogers went overseas to coach the first professional Israeli football team. For eleven months as head coach, he took his junior team to the All-Star equivalent of American football taking them the farthest they had ever been or have been since.

Mr. Rogers believes in his students and people enough to think that his experiences haven’t better suited him for teaching than anyone else. When asked if where he’s been has made him feel any more qualified than other teachers, he said he “felt no more a teacher than any other one here.” But I’m not convinced. Even during the interview, I noticed how comfortable his students seemed to feel in his class and how passionate they where about his lesson. He believes that “teaching isn’t anything like that if you’re teaching for the right reasons.”

Mr. Rogers has taken this attitude with him all around the world to develop his own unique and innovative method of teaching. Mr. Rogers has also coached many other successful football teams in schools all over along some of the most distinguished coaches. Yet still insists he is a “very normal guy”.

Mr. Rogers plans to start a family soon “God willing” with his wife of eight years. He would like one day to coach here at RHHS what he believes to be one of the “best schools in the nation”. Mr. Rogers plans to teach until the “NFL finally decides to call.” So until then Mr. Rogers, keep up the great work, and congratulations on winning this months Hawk Eye teacher of the month!


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