Getting the Dish on Bradford

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Growing up, Todd Bradford always thought he would wind up being a teacher, and mentoring others would be his purpose in life. He attended Lawrence High School in Kansas his freshman and sophomore year, then finished up his last two years of high school at the Texas A&M Consolidated High School in College Station. His favorite part of high school was the challenge of the AP classes, and of course the social part. However, when he went off to college at Texas A&M, he considered accounting, biology, and even rehab and addiction counseling. But finally, Bradford decided on teaching. He taught several grade levels and subjects in his short six years of teaching, including 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Reading, 6th grade Social Studies, Psychology, World History, and AP Government.

After teaching for six years, Bradford was offered a position at Rockwall-Heath High School as the freshman assistant principle. Bradford stayed there for four years until he was offered a different job. Not just any job that anyone can do, but a position that takes a special person. Bradford was offered a job at Quest Academy, a disciplinary academic educational placement school on Route 66 for Rockwall County students. Comparing the two schools that he has supervised at, Bradford prefers Quest academy, saying that he likes the small size of the campus, and his knowledge of everything that is going on. Bradford’s staff also feels strongly about him. Mr. Sharkey, the Algebra teacher at Quest, says, “I like Mr. Bradford because of his genuine concern for his students.” All of his staff seems to love him, with only positive things to say about him, their being eager to share why they like him so much. Coach Foster, the Physical Education teacher, prefers that “Mr. Bradford doesn’t make us go to meetings for no reason at all.”

Even though Mr. Bradford prefers supervising at Quest, he says there are some downsides to being at this campus. “A pro of being here is that I get the opportunity to get to know my staff and students better, but at the same time a con is that people are constantly coming and going”, Bradford explains.

Bradford isn’t always being a principle; he has a family and hobbies too. He lives with his wife and two young children, and on Thursdays he plays softball.  In his free time, he likes to play with his kids, golf, and playing fantasy football. He also enjoys watching football, especially A&M college games.

And senior BaiLee Womack says, “Thank you Mr. Bradford for buying me spaghetti at lunch”, showing the he truly cares about the well-being of his students. Mr. Bradford is just all in all an awesome guy, and will continue to guide his staff and students in a positive direction, giving advice and discipline when needed.

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