Homecoming Nominees

Every grade is able to nominate a king and queen or prince and princess to represent them. This year they picked some amazing candidates.

Freshman Cassidy Roth was shocked by her nomination and is not too concerned about winning or losing. Although Roth feels she would be a great choice because she is a well-grounded student, and is proud to be a Hawk she was just happy she was picked and will not ask for much more.

Freshman Katelyn Buis feels she is a great representative of the freshman class, because she tries her best to make everyone around her feel welcome and appreciated. This makes Buis a respectable soccer player and cheerleader, as well as student. “It would be an honor to the class of 2015 to get voted as freshman court,” she says.

Sophomore Brittany Helms  is a very loving and trustworthy person. Helms is very faithful and said, “I am a passionate Christian and love God with all my heart.” Helms is currently on the basketball team and thinks winning homecoming princess would be a “neat” memory.

Junior Rebekah Gerritson is an outgoing person who loves to put people in better moods. She is her class president and is in too many clubs to list. This will be her third time being nominated, and she hopes she will win this time. Gerritson says, “It’s such a special opportunity to represent the girls in the class of 2013!”

“I think it is an honor to be nominated,” says Freshman Cody Munson. He represents the Hawks by playing on the freshman black football team. Although Munson has a back injury, he stands by his team and supports all athletes. Munson was surprised, but excited by his nomination. His date, Hanna Ray, or his mother Misty Munson will walk him on the field.

Sophomore Reese Wilson says, “I do my best in everything I do, and represent myself, my family, God, and school.” Something Reese feels people should know about him is that he always wears crocs and loves Jesus. Reese would like to win homecoming prince, “because it would be a unique experience that not everyone has an opportunity to do.”

Freshman, Jameson Green is experiencing the excitement of being a nominee for the class of 2015. He represents the Hawks through his spot on the basketball team as well as keeping up his grades. He lives with one parent Misti Green, and has two siblings Chasen Williams and Cipporah Williams. Freshman Katelyn Buis, or Green’s mother will be walking him down the field.

Junior, Tyler Foreman says the one thing you should know about him is “Everyday I’m shuffling.” Foreman is funny, and people can’t help but love him. Foreman is walking down the field with the “most awesomest girl in the world” Junior, Rebekah Gerritson. He represents the school in “not only wearing the H but the awk as well.” Foreman’s parents are Keith and Dayne Foreman. He also has two sister Sydney and Avery Foreman. His parents and many of the students think he would make an amazing king for his fellow Juniors.

Jeff Bookhout is an amazing Senior! He’s dedicated to supporting his school, community, and the people around him. Something to know about his young man is he s a caring volunteer and strives to spread positive “vibes” as he puts it. He would be a reasonable choice for representing the Hawks, because he tries to help those in need as well as, and even surpassing the schools morals. After three years of being nominated Bookhout is once again a canidate. Getting a “warm feeling in my being” could be his sign that this year will not disappoint, but only the student body can decide.

Freshman, Conrad Allen is quite surprised he is a homecoming nominee. “I figured it would be a football star.” He says and would like to win to show everyone you don’t have to be a jock to win. Allen is an out going student who can be classified as a class clown, but he represents the Hawks with respectful attitudes. Allen’s a chill person who is known by everyone for his good attitude  “ I’m glad I was nominated because it is a good experience.

Junior, Garret Finnegan thoughts when finding out he is a nominee were, “I was shock, even though I voted for myself.” Finnegan is very involved in his school and church. He loves laughing and hanging out with friends.” Because I like people and socializing is my thing being prince nominee means a lot.” His parents names are Janet and Mike Finnegan, and he has a younger sibling , Clay Finnegan a sophomore at Heath. Finnegan is walking Junior, Axie Andrews down the field.

Those are the 2011 Homecoming Royalty.

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