What is your Esteban?

Esteban (from the story of  “ The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez) was a simple person, but was special in a unique way. He was a giant, lost at sea with no one to watch over or care for him. Strangers took him in, though he was dead and much larger than they could handle. By coming into the village, he showed them how they could be better in life. They gave him a life and even a family within the community. They saw how great he could be, but they also saw how unhappy he must have been, because of his great size. With the womens’ imaginations, they brought him to life while he was gone. When they send Esteban back out to sea, they wished him good luck with whoever finds him next, so that he could make a change and keep his influence in motion.

Most people want to leave behind a legacy. The overall “big picture” is much more important then the little day-to-day shuffle. Optimists like to keep their eyes wide for the opportunity for help. People who want to make a change and build up a life-sized movement by being individuals who care. Look for your Esteban, the thing that could help change your life for the better. Let Esteban into your heart, open your mind, and find the bigger picture to see where you belong and to make the world better than when you started. Think about it: What is your Esteban?

Junior Kalyn Balli says “Going there made me realize how great I had it here.” Balli is talking about how her Esteban is the move she had to make from RHHS to a new city and a new school. Her move gave her courage to came back and take on the problems she faced. She took her life and looked at the bigger picture and found how she fit so perfectly into where she started. That is Balli’s Esteban.

Freshman Nik Boywer says, “My Esteban would most likely be my inner voice, because it is the thing that keeps me most in line. I might not have changed if I hadn’t learned to listen loosely.” Nik is speaking about how he learned to listen to the good in him and see that change was for the better. He did not necessarily look at the bigger picture, but more along the lines of focusing on what lays within. Learning to listen to his subconcious is Bowyer’s Esteban.

Freshman Jordan Ereabia says “Out of all the ordinary, day-to-day life of school and schedules, my Esteban would more than anything be my parents.” Ereabia said how he needs the help of loved-ones to see that he could always make improvements and change for the better. Following your parents can be a helpful tool when students need an example or advice. Jordan chooses to follow in the footsteps of those before him, because they have been where he is now and can tell what to do; that is Ereabia’s Esteban.

Freshman Kiran Khar says “With a simple life there is not much to change for the better, but my Esteban would have to be my passion for art.” Khar chooses to work out emotions onto paper anyway she can. She draws whatever images flow into her mind by putting pen to paper or brush to canvas. Looking through the eyes of an artist is hard to manage when everyone has their own perspective on change, but when they all come together and see one piece it’s easy to learn something new. Khar expresses her thoughts and turns them from ideas to realities, Khar’s Esteban is her creativity.

After seeing just a few of the numerous ways that a person can improve and make better choices, I  hope that everyone would keep their hearts out for an Esteban in their own lives.

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