Freshmen and JV Girls’ Basketball Recap

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March 4, 2011
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By Kaylee Griffin

At RHHS, there are many sports to choose from. For the girls, one sport that is taken very seriously is basketball. The Freshmen, JV, and Varsity teams are very successful in their games. However, the JV team had a very weak season, but they will recover as they always do. 

Unfortunately, the Girl’s JV Black Team does not get to go to playoffs this year, due to their very rough season, ending at an overall 2-8. However, their coach is very supporting, saying, “Although our record may not suggest that we had an outstanding season, we accomplished a lot of personal and team goals. We set team goals at the beginning of the year, and each game, we focused on coming one step closer to reaching those goals. Since we do not get to go to playoffs, we have to have something to work for, and the JV Black Lady Hawks did just that. We were able to accomplish four out of five team goals! We learned a lot of fundamentals that will help our program in the years to come. I’m very proud of the girls for not giving up throughout the challenging schedule. We competed and played each game with Heart and Pride!” Way to stay positive Coach Martin!

    Despite the JV Black Girl’s rough season, the Freshmen Team had a relatively positive season, ending with a record of 7-6. Overall, the team tried their hardest and accomplished not only ream goals, but personal goals as well. 

    On Friday, January 28th at 7 p.m., Heath played Rockwall at Utley. This was their second game against Rockwall this season. Winning the first game 36-32, the girls were excited for another match. Coach Martin said, “I knew we were very prepared to face Rockwall again, putting a lot of time and practice into preparing.” The girl’s started off with a bang, going on a 17-0 run early. Later on in the game, Rockwall tied it up and the game got interesting. However, Lady Hawks rose to the occasion, defeating Rockwall 43-37. Their coach was proud, saying: “I’m very proud of the girls tonight, not laying down to the hometown rival, and playing with Hawk Pride!” Go Lady Hawks!

    Another winning game for the Freshmen would be earlier in the season on Friday, January 21st at Burleson-Centennial at 7p.m. This was a very difficult game for the Freshmen, having to travel two hours on a bus and then sit through a game before them. “This was the first time the Freshmen Team had to travel this far.” Coach Martin said. Lady Hawks scored 12 points the first quarter, and Burleson 17. The second quarter however was basically unproductive with Burleson scoring two points, and Heath with zero. In the fourth quarter, with two minutes left on the clock, Lady Hawks scored putting them up by one. It was a very close game, but in the end Heath won 27-26. Close game! Coach Martin was proud, saying: “I was very proud of the girls tonight, they showed what Hawk Pride was all about, not giving up and playing with Heart. This is something we have stressed throughout the year. Hard work will pay off and it did just that for us.” Way to go Freshmen!

    In the end, the Freshmen and JV teams came out on top, not necessarily game wise, but more in terms of strength and hard work. Lady Hawks are strong athletes, and the Hawk Eye looks forward to watching them next year!


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