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March 5, 2011
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By: Raynie Sewell

Hawk Eye Athlete of the Month: Taylor Abbott

In order to be a successful athlete you have to have many commending qualities. Among them are integrity, leadership, and sportsmanship. Taylor Abbott is a shining example of all these characteristics, both on and off the court.

Taylor is on the freshman black basketball. She has shown many qualities that represented integrity.  For example, she is always present and on time to practice, and she always gives it 100 percent. “I have to keep pushing myself,” Abbott informed me. “It just is what it is.” Not only does Abbott show integrity on the court, but she also does in the classroom.

“She is an excellent student for me, and she asked questions when she has them.” Mrs. Juanita Avila, Abbott’s Spanish teacher told me. All her other teachers agreed.  Mrs. Catherine Gregory, Abbott’s geometry teacher, went as far as saying, “Taylor is a dream in class. She is always on task.” Whenever I asked a student, teacher, or coach what their opinion on Taylor Abbott was, I received warm smiles and heartfelt praises. Nobody could think of a time they had an issue with Abbott. It represented her leadership.

Abbott, the point guard for her basketball team, told me how demanding her position is. “You are the one deciding the plays and telling everyone what to do. There is quite a bit of pressure with that.” Abbott told me with conviction. Abbott takes this position with the grace of a true leader though. “ I would not want to play any other position.” She told me very matter of factily. Her fellow teammate, Tiara Key commended. “She does well in her position, and I highly doubt anyone has any complaints with how Taylor leads us. She’s always smiley and cheerful…she’s just an overall great person.”  All Abbotts other fellow teammates agreed with Key. “Taylor controls whatever she does to help out however she can.” In fact, if she had a super power Abbott says it would be controlling the weather. Her obsession with The Incredibles could have helped to spark that interest. It shows how she positively shines in hopes to excel. Her teammates tell me that that is not the only thing she shines with. Her ever-present smile is way she shines.

Every answer Abbott gave me demonstrated her positive aspect on life. When asked what their favorite animal is most people would tell you a dog, cat, or an exotic animal, but Taylor’s answer was much simpler. She told me her favorite animal was a fish. It is not because they are easy to take care of or how they do not rely on you, but because “she likes to float, and fish float.” While very basic, that alone described Taylor Abbott’s personality; she is simple, and very positive, because she sees the big picture, because she floats, but not all things will just fly by Abbott, some do annoy her.

Little things do not bug Abbott. In order to get under Abbott’s skin all you have to do is tell her one thing: that she is quiet.   “They don’t know me,” Abbott told me, “so if that’s all they have to say, then they just need to go away.” To me, that just proved how passionate and unique Abbott is, and both those qualities are must haves in a true leader.

Abbott was very excited to be the player of the month. She knew how hard she pushed herself, and she was glad to see it all paying off. Still, Taylor did not only focus on herself. She also knew it meant she was a good part of her team. She was always there for them, and as Key stated “She was always there to calm me down.” In fact her hero is her grandpa or her “Papa” as she called him. The main reason for that is the fact that he was a “hard worker”. To be a successful part of a team you have to know how to push yourself, which she did.

Taylor Abbott is a fabulous athlete because of her integrity, leadership, and sportsmanship. Her smiles and support have helped her team and led them to be district champs. Her glowing attitude her supportive nature have allowed her to play her game with the heat of a born leader. She is a good role model and as Coach Justin Martin said, “She has lots of characteristics we want people to notice about our program.” Taylor Abbott has been paving out a great future for herself throughout the year, and she has not even finished her freshman year. Good luck Taylor and way to go!


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