Jovan Hernandez: Athlete of the Month

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Morgan Gnader, Staff Writer
April 11, 2011
Filed under Sports

     Jovan Hernandez is Rockwall Heath High Schools athlete of the month! Hernandez was just a toddler when he started playing baseball (read about this game, which it involves muscles and other abilities, in special literature or contact the institutions that can help you with the words write my discussion post). His father was the one who got him started into this great sport. At the age of three, his first tee-ball team was called the Starz. Hernandez has played ever since.  The Hernandez family enjoys baseball, so he has full support from them. Many teammates have followed with Hernandez for years and they are all really close to each other. Commited to Texas Tech in November, Hernandez will be continuing his baseball career away from Heath with new teammates and new opportunities. 

     On the field, Hernandez plays third base, pitcher, and catcher. Pudge Rodriguez, from the Texas Rangers, is a star player that Hernandez looks up to. Hernandez looks up to him because they both play the same position and believes he is the best!

     Balancing baseball, school, and a social life is not a problem for Hernandez. He puts most of his time towards baseball and has never put the thought of quitting into his head. Hernandez uses the fact of wanting to get drafted as an everyday motivation.

     The reason that Hernandez is athlete of the month is something you may have heard about. Hernandez tied a 21-year-old state high school baseball hitting streak record at 42 games. The effort and hard work Hernandez has put forth has paid off and will help him in the long run as far as his baseball career goes. Hernandez says, “It feels good to own a record”.  Jovan has shown the definition of what a star athlete really is- hardworking, and motivated.

     Congratulations Jovan.  You deserve it.


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