Little Shop of Horrors

Alison Deere, Staff Writer
January 31, 2013  

Singing pedestrians, budding romance, and a flower shop that grows overnight all because of one man-eating plant may seem like the stuff of fantasies, but it was all accomplished by RHHS’s cast and crew of Little Shop of Horrors. This crazy classic was enjoyable for both the audience and... Read More

Keep Calm and Spin

Alison Deere, Staff Writer
December 18, 2012  

The school’s winter guard season is starting up this month and the color guard is gearing up and ready for the excitement. The Color Guard is a club that spins rifles, flags, and sabers. They have to know how to dance and how to toss large objects in the air… and catch them. Bruises are... Read More

Gunn’s A-Blazing!

Alison Deere, Staff Writer
November 14, 2012  

Mrs. Gunn is not your ordinary teacher. In fact, she is just the opposite. Rather than just tolerate stupid jokes, she enjoys them with the class. Instead of just showing up to her job every day, she makes it evident that there is no other place in the world she would rather be. On the most... Read More

Surviving Junior Year

Alison Deere, Staff Writer
October 22, 2012  

“This is going to be the worst year of your life” is not an encouraging sentiment to hear from not one, but many trusted friends. However, this is the way I began my junior year. This all-too-important year is difficult to survive without serious consequences to your health, stress levels,... Read More