No Rejects: Chain Reaction Club Promotes Kindness & Compassion

Have you ever wanted to join a club, knowing you could not be rejected? Well, there is a club at Heath that fits perfectly into this category. The Chain Reaction Club is a club about acceptance, kindness, compassion and the true meaning of friendship. The members of this group open their arms wide open to everyone no matter size, shape or color. Unlike most clubs at Heath this club is not just for a specific group of people, it is for anyone.

Senior Mallory Hosey, is the Vice President of the Chain Reaction club, is the type of person who is not scared to speak her mind and stand up for what she believes in. She tries her best to be nice to everyone and not judge them based on rumors or appearances, because she believes everyone has a good side. For example, if you have rumor spread about you, she will not make her opinion based on what the rumor contained, but will get to know you first. The craziest thing she has ever done would be gymnastics, because “ it’s so easy to get hurt, but the thrill of the sport and taking those risks makes it that much more fun.”  She decided she wanted to join this club during the seventh grade, after moving to Rockwall, and going to Cain. She went to a school that had bullying and harsh words. It was “literally miserable to go to school everyday,” but when she moved here she found the club promoted kindness and compassion. This enthused her to be in a club that helped bring people together and stop bullying. Having a club that influences this is a wonderful opportunity and will help on the long run.

Then there was Senior Jeff Bookhout, who is nicknamed, “crack head”, because he recentlycracked his skull while long boarding. He decided he wanted to join this club his freshmen year when he received a letter being asked to join this club. If there was no Chain Reaction Club, then Bookhout’s response, “ It would be disheartening, because it has a lot of potential to change students attitudes,” and “ it would hurt me.” This shows that the club has had amazing impacts on people and has changed their thoughts about friendship and working together. This club has pulled many of people closer, like a family. Bookhout is also in NHS, Mu Alpha Theta, and is the president of the senior class. He described helping the children and people he does with this club as being “ true happiness.” Bookhout is most proud of his growth as a leader and as a volunteer, along with his strong work ethic, this has made him,”the person I’ve shaped myself to be.”

The Chain Reaction Club helps with special needs, help snew students around the school, packed a million meals to send to people with hunger, and clean and paint the Boys and Girls Club. They spend time doing things to make sure people have a good day and get what they need. The Chain Reaction Club is a safe place for everyone, the members of this club go out of their way to make everyone feel wanted and make their day.President Bailie Bridges said that if she could change the world in one way,” I would make the days longer to give everyone more time to others.” That answer shows that this club is all about others and they care about everyone and they do not judge. This club welcomes everyone of every type, and does not put you into specific groups, like you see in schools.

Lastly there is Senior Bailie Brideges, and leader in the Chain Reaction Club. She is trying to figure out her future and knows helping others is going to play a huge role in her future. She said there is nothing stressful about this club, because they have an amazing team of officers who handle everything. By joining this club students commit to be kind and to help others. Bridges said her strengths are “ I am proud of who I am and what I have been through and don’t allow anyone to influence that”, and her weakness are ” I always want to be involved in everything, so sometimes I bite more than I can chew,” said Bridges.  The craziest thing she has ever done is one night her mom and Bridges got bored and went to the airport and got some random plane ticket to go to the Mall of America to go shopping for the weekend. Bridges wanted to join this club, because she signed up and did not think much of it, but when she was elected officer she jumped right in!

This club is an eye opening thing for all the members, because they get to help people more than normally. The deeds they do are a huge reward, because they are  able to see their smiles received after doing what they did.  More people should join this club, to get a more positive attitude and outlook on life.  These three are important people of the Chain Reaction Club and they gave their views on what they see and think about it. They have personally experienced everything they said about the club and said nothing, but positive things!

This year the Chain Reaction Club challenges students to “Leave Your Mark” on the world around you by starting a Chain Reaction of kindness and compassion.  Students were able to leave their thumbprint and initials on the “Leave your Mark” banner in the cafeteria after watching the RISD Rachel’s Challenge video.  If you enjoy helping others and making a difference, join the Chain Reaction Club!

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