Keep Calm and Spin

Color Guard Members Ashley Sealey, Victoria Sewell, Nickole Montgomery, and Rachel Petty.

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Alison Deere, Staff Writer
December 18, 2012
Filed under Student Life

The school’s winter guard season is starting up this month and the color guard is gearing up and ready for the excitement.

The Color Guard is a club that spins rifles, flags, and sabers. They have to know how to dance and how to toss large objects in the air… and catch them. Bruises are not a foreign concept. The task of tossing flags and rifles over your head may seem daunting, but do not be fooled, it is worth it. “I like tossing flags, because it’s a difficult task and when you finally learn how to do it, you get a feeling of accomplishment” Newcomer to Color Guard Nichole Holguin said.

This year’s winter guard is expected to do better than years past. “I’m excited to do really well with our new instructor this year” junior Ashley Sealey said. The new instructor has been teaching color guard for many years and knows how to develop a team to help them win competitions. “I’m excited about learning a hard show that I’ll have to practice at home.” Sophomore Nikole Montgomery said.

The anticipated advancement of the team aside, the majority of our school’s flag team has expressed their preference of winter guard over color guard; the difference being that color guard marches with the band. “The thing with winter guard is that the guard is the main focus. You just don’t get that during marching season” Montgomery said.

According to Captain Victoria Sewell, the life lessons learned from this sport and the friends you make will outweigh the bumps and bruises along the way. Sewell said, “Color Guard is the one place where no one can walk all over me. I am comfortable to be myself completely and my best friends are with me. The experience it gives me helps me to learn and grow as a person and the memories with last a lifetime.”


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