The Blind Side blinds audience with heart warming story

January 14, 2010 • Julia Horvath  
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The Blind Side is so much more than a cute movie with a touching story line. It’s someone’s life.

Sandra Bullock plays a honey blonde feisty southern wife and mother takes in a homeless black boy. This homeless boy plays football for the school team and turns out to be very good. Michael Oher played by Quinton Aaron goes to play for Ole Miss and eventually signs with the Ravens in the NFL.

It’s hard to believe that a family would take in a homeless black boy they know nothing about, but the even more unbelievable part is that it is a true story. You found yourself not being able to get the smile off your face, and bring a tear to your eye at times. Pictures of the actual family were played during the credits at the end, which made the movie even more perfect.

Sandra Bullock, the wife and mother, played the best performance of her entire career. Tim McGraw played her defeated but loving husband, who had a good performance but was overshadowed by Bullock. A star is born; Quinton Aaron played a wonderful appearance and is sure to be seen again.

The Blind Side filled you with joy. It’s a movie perfect for the entire family. The movie not only left you wanting more, but made you want to do a good deed as well.


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