Five Days of Fun

Emily Compton and Tiler Bates, Senior Staff Writers
June 6, 2009

Theme Days have long been an exciting tradition at Rockwall-Heath High School. These days take place the week leading up to Homecoming and foster a sense of pride for the Hawks. These fun-filled days are all about dressing up for our Homecoming game. This year we played the Royse City Bulldogs. Monday,... Read more »

Revealing the Royalty

Sydney Allen, Senior Editor in Chief
June 6, 2009

While many Heath football players were suiting up in their jerseys and Hawk football fans were decking themselves in red and black, a select few were getting dressed to the nines for the 2009 RHHS Homecoming Royalty Ceremony. “I was kind of scared they were going to start without me,” laughed... Read more »

GAMETIME: Underperforming Hawks still end up on top

Ashly Fouse, Senior Assistant Editor in Chief
June 6, 2009

Friday, October 16, 2009 was a long time coming for many. For Rockwall Heath High School students, both present and former, as well as faculty, it was finally the day of the 2009-2010 homecoming game. The school was alive with school spirit as the Hawks prepared to go up against the Royse City Bulldogs. As... Read more »