2010-2011 Hawk Cheerleaders Announced!

Krissy Edwards, Guest Contributor
March 22, 2010

Cheers to the 2010-2011 Rockwall-Heath Cheerleaders & Mascots! Rockwall-Heath Cheerleader and Mascot tryouts were held Thursday, March 11th. The results were posted on the RISD website and a celebration followed in the Rockwall-Heath Gym. The new squad members are as follows: Varsity (L/R): Back... Read more »

Top 8 Girls, American Idol Recap

Tiler Bates, Senior Staff Writer
March 9, 2010

The last week of guys vs. girls of American Idol started this week with the remaining contestants to move onto the Top 12. Katie Stevens began the night with a poor performance of former American Idol Kelly Clarkson’s song “Breakaway.” Her lower notes were all off key, and even though her higher... Read more »

American Idol Elimination, From Top 20 to Top 16

Tiler Bates, Senior Staff Writer
March 4, 2010

With the Thursday night results show on American Idol over 27 million votes were cast and two guys and two girls were sent home. The show started off with a group performance of “I’ve Gotta Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas. This seemed an ironic song choice because for four of the contestants in... Read more »

Top 10 Girls Out for the Win on American Idol

Tiler Bates, Senior Staff Writer
March 3, 2010

With contestant Crystal Bowersox’s return from the hospital, Wednesday night kicked off the Top 10 girl’s performances. The girls had a lot to live up to and they were out to prove that they are better than the boys. Crystal started off the show on just the note the girl’s were looking for. The... Read more »

Snow coats Texas, brings school to a stop

Sydney Allen, Senior Editor in Chief
March 3, 2010

While most Texans are used to a dry and warm winter season, this February exposed North Texas residents to some of the frigid temperatures that earlier plagued the Northeast. On February 11, most of the Dallas area was blanketed with nearly a foot of snow, putting an end to after school activities and... Read more »

Top 10 Boys Battle it Out on American Idol Stage

Tiler Bates
March 2, 2010

Tuesday night on American Idol was a bit of a switch up from the typical sequence. Usually girls perform on Tuesday and boys Wednesday, however female contestant Crystal Bowersox was rushed to the hospital and was unable to perform. Producers switched the order around and deemed that the boys would... Read more »

Apolo Ohno: A New Olympian

Wesley Lacson, Junior Staff Writer
March 2, 2010

Apolo Ohno is next in line, it seems. Before him came Michael Phelps, caught in a drug scandal on the Internet and faded into anonymity. Before Phelps came Marion Jones, sentenced to six months in jail for lying about steroids and losing relevance in American culture. Before Jones came Carl Lewis. It... Read more »

American Idol Top 24

Tiler Bates
March 2, 2010

The first live show of American Idol kicked off on Tuesday this week. Paige Miles, Ashley Rodriguez, Janell Wheeler, Lilly Scott, Katelyn Epperly, Haeley Vaughn, Lacey Brown, Michelle Delamor, Didi Benami, Siobhan Magnus, Crystal Bowersox, and Katie Stevens made up the top 12 girls that performed. On... Read more »

The Rarest Blood Type

Junior Staff Writer Julia Horvath
March 2, 2010

Someone needs blood every two seconds. There is no substitute for human blood. People don’t give blood because they are either uninformed, selfish, unqualified, or have a phobia of needles and the sight of blood, but I would recommend it to anyway. Giving blood is one of the easiest ways to help someone... Read more »

Vampire Bite

Editor-in-Chief Hailey Dunn
March 2, 2010

Vampires are nothing new. These alluring yet frightening creatures have been going bump in the night since well before Stephanie Meyer put pen to paper. Why then has there been a worldwide frenzy among the mortals of this generation desperately looking for their Edward Cullen? Never before have vampires... Read more »

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