RHHS Junior Rebecca Moore- to Copenhagen, Denmark

Allison Burbulys, Staff Writer
May 28, 2011

This summer from June 30th to August 5th, RHHS Junior, Rebecca Moore, will be spending four weeks in Copenhagen, Denmark for ballet. She was more than thrilled to share her excitement with me and give me all of the awesome details. For the first three weeks, she will be taught by teachers from all over... Read more »

June Teacher of the Month: Leah Voth

Kaylee Griffin, Staff Writer
May 28, 2011

June’s Teacher of the Month goes to Mrs. Leah Voth! Carefully selected teachers of the month are extraordinary people who love doing what they do. Mrs. Voth is the PALS, Yearbook, and Student Leadership teacher at RHHS. Voth is loved by all of her students and colleagues. Heath is lucky to have such... Read more »

From Freshman to Farewell: Maddie Kipphut says, “So Long”

Maddie Kipphut, Co-Editor
May 28, 2011

I remember the first day I stepped onto the grounds of high school my freshmen year, I was terrified, not knowing what was going to come next and become of me in the upcoming four years. There were giant senior football players, and girls you didn’t want to mess with because the movie “Mean Girls”... Read more »

You Know You Are Graduating in the Class of 2011 at Heath if..

Julia Horvath, Co-Editor
May 28, 2011

Some tell us that these are the best days of our lives; some argue that the best times are yet to come, but almost all agree that these are the days we will carry with us for the rest of our lives. “I can’t believe graduation has finally arrived. We’ve all anticipated it for so long, but now it... Read more »

Senior Superlatives

Maddie Kipphut, Editor
May 28, 2011

Throughout the past four years, memories have come and gone bringing new friends, creating friendship for the rest of our lives throughout all of the years of going to school with one another, we have created images and predictions for one another, and with what is approaching in the future, lightly... Read more »

Broadcasting Border Cartels

anonymous, Staff Writer
May 28, 2011

Over the past years tourism has greatly changed for Mexico along with its image. Mexico usually has thousands of Americans cross its borders to enjoy a period of relaxation and vacation. However the devastating news that has been streaming through the media has become a great concern to many Americans.... Read more »

How to Survive your Freshmen Year

Raynie Sewell, Staff Writer
May 28, 2011

Freshman year is an important milestone in your life.  Sadly, freshmen are just considered “small fish” and all the upperclassman the “sharks”. At pep rallies, you will be booed out, and they will try to push your buttons any way possible. That all sounds horrible but if you just sit back and... Read more »

Looks Can Kill, Literally

Lydia Moore, Staff Writer
May 28, 2011

The simple act of walking outside could create cancer. How? It is from the exposure from the sun. Even with the latest and greatest sunscreens, skin cancer still is the most common form of cancer. Several people are still resistant, and don’t take the precautions that are necessary. Most likely that... Read more »

It’s all about that country music By: Ashleigh Johnson

May 27, 2011

This season is full with fun filled concerts; this year the country concerts have been the most constant. Country music is a blend of traditional and popular mid western music. The three most recent country concerts I have attended were Kenney Chesney, the Eli Young Band, and Jason Aldean. They are all... Read more »

Farewell Hawk Eye Editors

Natalie Tucker, Staff Writer
May 27, 2011

As we all say farewell to the class of 2011, it’s a very exciting time as well as overwhelmingly stressful for every one of the seniors preparing for their new life out of high school. Our journalism seniors are about to be on their way to the big world full of the unknown, Julia and Maddie are this... Read more »

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