“One of the Best”

Lydia Moore, Co-Editor
April 25, 2012

Writing excruciating essays, numerous grueling multiple-choice questions, and working against several other students for a medal (or just to place) is what UIL competitions are all about. It is extremely tough to place in one, but to place in six is unbelievable. That is just what junior Aleks Kochan... Read more »

Studio Supreme

Conrad Allen, Staff Writer
April 23, 2012

The lights flash on from darkness, and all the cameras are pointed at you, and production begins. This is the job of the RHHS Audio Video club, and they perform their task exceptionally well. The AV club is in charge of most of the schools video production, and they could not be more qualified. They... Read more »

Athlete of the Month: Brianna Richardson

Sophie Keith, Staff Writer
April 23, 2012

Brianna Richardson is leaving a legacy behind at Rockwall-Heath High School.  Richardson is a well-respected student, and an even more respected athlete.  She lives and breathes track every day.  Finding such a committed and determined athlete, like her, can be hard.  She has grown and developed... Read more »

Lifting to the top

Macie Daughenbaugh, Staff Writer
April 23, 2012

A power lifters main task is to lift more total weight than the opposing lifters in their weight class. Holliman’s main goal was to make it to state. This year, in order to meet his goal he had to lift an extra 25 pounds than he was use to.  Holliman accomplished this through hard work and great coaching.... Read more »

Christian Clubs Cause Change

Syd Brown, Staff Writer
April 20, 2012

“And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.” Hebrews 10:24-25. This scripture embodies the goal of the Christian clubs here... Read more »

The Deal With Carma

Precious Chidozie, Staff Writer
April 20, 2012

A little girl looks at a pack of baby monkeys at the zoo. She leans towards it wanting to touch them. An idea pops into her head – “Why don’t I put my head through the bars?” As soon as she has assumed position the momma monkey goes ballistic. The little girl tries to wedge her head out but... Read more »

Barbie Girl in a Fashion World

Chiara Timbone, Staff Writer
April 20, 2012

The event that many students have been working towards is finally over. The 2012 fashion show was an incredible success and was celebrated by many excited people cheering for their stars and loved ones. Besides the magnificent ‘Barbie’-motif, there were many features that made the show a memorable... Read more »

Our World, Our Home, Our Job

Breagan Adams, Staff Writer
April 20, 2012

It is 2032. You walk out of your house to see the world around you, and notice that there are no trees, and the land is very flat. It was on the news yesterday that the last living polar bear died, due to pollution and global warming. You know the earth is in danger, but it is too late to help. Experts... Read more »

Behind the Scenes

Katie Cook, staff Writer
April 20, 2012

Flipping back and forth between two languages is a challenge for many, but for Bilingual Parent Liaison Adriana Gutierrez, it is what she does every day at RHHS. Several students speak Spanish in their home but speak English at school. There is difficulty in finding a commonplace for parents who only... Read more »

He’s Got That AggSwagg

April 20, 2012

Jay Arnold is a junior here at Rockwall Heath that plays defensive end for the hawk’s varsity football team, but in a few years he will be making some real noise in college football. He is 6’4”, 265 pounds and can easily be seen walking through the school, which to some people makes him intimidating,... Read more »

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