Kenna White

August 28, 2013

Senior Kenna White noticed her creativity flourish in elementary school when she helped other kids with their projects on which they struggled. She had innovative ideas that impressed teachers and students even though she had never taken an art class.  She hopes her creative graphic design will contribute... Read more »

Adriana McGhee

August 28, 2013

Junior Adriana McGhee is a new addition to the HawkEye News Staff. She aspires to become an editorial fashion journalist for major fashion brands. McGhee would love to go to a university in England, preferable Greenwich University. She wants to major in fashion marketing or creative writing in order... Read more »

Macy Matthews

August 28, 2013

Macy Matthews is a first year graphic designer to the HawkEye News Staff. She is very excited to begin writing and designing for the RHHS Newspaper. She has not written much lately, although she thoroughly enjoyed it when she was younger and looks forward to start again. Besides being part of newspaper... Read more »

Joel McPherson

August 28, 2013

Joel McPherson is a rookie to the HawkEye news staff. He reconnected with writing recently and looks forward to his year as a journalist. He plays football and baseball for the freshman teams. His favorite position is catcher for baseball, but he loves football as well. When McPherson is not playing... Read more »

Lauren Homesley

August 28, 2013

Senior Lauren Homesley is a graphic designer for the HawkEye. During her sophomore year, she fell in love with Photoshop in her Digital Interactive Media (D.I.M.) class, so she decided to enroll in a graphics class. Next year, Homesley plans on attending Saint Edward’s University to study communication... Read more »

Tyler Bromley

August 28, 2013

Sophomore Tyler Bromley has always had something for writing. He began to write in the 5th grade and has continued to write since then.  When he began high school, he found that Creative Writing was fun and entertaining. Last summer he decided what to do after Creative Writing. Eventually Bromley chose... Read more »

Jenay Benge

August 25, 2013

Freshman Jenay Benge is an upbeat, loving, and caring person. She is very blessed with an awesome family and great friends. Jenay has always wanted to be a chef. She has been baking for as long as she can remember, because her passion is serving people and making treats. She adores hearing the timer... Read more »

Adam Rodriguez

August 24, 2013

Junior Adam Rodriguez  enrolled in Graphic Design with hopes of increasing his computer skill. He dreams to one day become a professional animator, and to make a cartoon that changes the world. Much like Joseph Stalin or Woodrow Wilson, Rodriguez would like to be the leader of a team, specifically... Read more »

Natalie Jecmenek

August 24, 2013

Freshman Natalie Jecmenek is a first year member of the HawkEye as a photojournalist. She plans on trying her hardest to bring 100 percent to the plate. Jecmenek likes books, books, and more books. When she is not reading she is dancing or eating her favorite food; mashed potatoes. She plans to further... Read more »

Zach Johnson

August 24, 2013

Sophomore Zach Johnson joined graphic design because he needed a tech credit and thought graphic design might be a fun experience. Johnson hopes to attend A&M where he will look into a career in the engineering or the business field. He is on varsity cross-country and a track member. When Johnson... Read more »

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