Heath’s Witch Hunt

Hana Pechal, Staff Writer
September 30, 2013

The play The Crucible’s will have its opening night October 16th, in Heath’s very own Performing Arts Center (PAC). Each year a different play is performed, but there is already a buzz in the air among teachers and students that this selection will be one of the best. In order to ensure that... Read more »

Circling Faith

Adriana McGhee, staff writer
September 27, 2013

The school year may have just barely started, but RHHS already has a new tradition brewing. Before every Friday night football game the cheerleaders, trainers, and drill team gather together and pray for one another and  for the game. The athletes stand around the field holding hands and have a time... Read more »

Mums the Word

Raynie Sewell, Co-Editor in Chief
September 26, 2013

Everything is bigger in Texas, including our mums and garters. Whether this is a good or bad thing is left up to personal opinion. To me, as a senior who has had the chance to see mums progress, I believe that the size of the mum or garter does not matter as long as everyone has one. Mums and garters... Read more »

Rockin’ the Rebels All Week

Jenay Benge, Staff Writer
September 26, 2013

RHHS was excited for the homecoming game by dressing up with spirit. On Monday, many students put on their boots and spurs to “Rope the Rebels”; Tuesday they dressed up in costumes to ‘Trick the Rebels”; Wednesday they wore red, white, and blue to “Remind the Rebels”; Thursday, they took... Read more »

Crowning Royalty

Jacqueline Villagomez, Student staff writer
September 26, 2013

Here is your class of 2014 nominees for King and Queen: Varsity football star, senior Justin Peters is honored to know his peers think highly enough of him to nominate him four years in a row. Peters said he is “just happy to be picked.” Being that he has been on varsity since sophomore year, Peters... Read more »

If the Club Fits

Juliette, Daniel
September 25, 2013

Club Rush helps students to discover the clubs that RHHS has to offer. It will be held on Friday, October 4th during all lunches and advisory.  These clubs will have tables set up and be located in the hallway right outside of the cafeteria. Anyone interested in joining a group or in need of service... Read more »

Immortal Movie: A Must See

Krystal Casamalhuapa, Staff Writer
September 24, 2013

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones was released August 21, 2013. Set in New York City, a seemingly ordinary teenage girl named Clary Fray, discovers that she is from a line of shadowhunters; young half-angel warriors who battle to protect our world from demans. After her mother disappears, Clary must... Read more »

My Safe Haven

Sage Wells, Staff Writer
September 24, 2013

Safe Haven is a love story based on Nicholas Spark’s book. This romantic story takes place in the small town of Southport, North Carolina where the young and beautiful Katie materializes. Katie has run away from her home and husband for reasons that remain unknown throughout the movie.  The audience... Read more »

Raynie Sewell, Senior Co-Editor in Chief

September 17, 2013

Raynie Sewell is a fourth-year veteran of the Hawk Eye staff and a third year Co-Editor and Chief. She began writing in the fourth grade when her teacher pushed her to compete in U.I.L. Ready Writing, and found her new creative niche in high school journalism. Sewell hopes to study at Texas Tech, but... Read more »

Mums Away

Lydia Moore, Co-Editor
September 13, 2013

Texas takes pride in the numerous traditions that it houses, but are some traditions too outdated? Mums traditionally served as a “taken” symbol; the boys would make mums (or more likely, their moms) for their dates and in exchange the girls would make him a garter. They each served their purpose... Read more »