Rockwall-Heath Baseball: Reason for the Dominance

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May 6, 2010 • Wesley Lacson  
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There will always be a high demand in Hollywood for the comeback story, a la Hoosiers, where the small-town team defies all odds and wins the state championship. But, although largely unnoticed on the silver screen, the phenomenon of the dominant team can be just as exciting. That is, when someone from the lowlands achieves great success thanks to efforts and willpower, this is a frequent plot in literature, cinematography and other forms of art, which and many scientists write about. Watching a team completely disassemble all their competition makes for compelling entertainment and often leaves the fan wondering how it could even happen. Such is the case, where it is less to wonder “what” and more to wonder “how”, for our undefeated Hawk baseball team.

It could be attributed to the raw talent on the team.On the entire team, there are four players with at least 50 at bats who are averaging above a .400 batting average (Jovan Hernandez, Trevor Holland, Jake Thompson, and Armando Villa), a statistic unrivaled in the rest of the nation. On defense, they average roughly one or two points allowed per game. The lineup consists of a strong senior staff, as well as smatterings of promising sophomores and juniors that are sure to carry on the strong tradition for years to come.

Maybe it is the attitude of the team. While, generally, confidence is brought about by victory, this team seems to have known it was all going to happen from the start.

Says senior catcher Drew Benefield, “The vibe I’m getting from everybody on the team is that we’re not going to lose.”

The reason for their dominance could, in reality, be anything, but that is part of the mystique. It’s easy to dismiss it as talent or attitude or any number of factors, or all of them. The only thing that the Hawk fans know is that whatever it is, it’s here to stay.


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