Power Lifting Team Competes/Holliman Breaks School Record

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January 28, 2011  
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by Ashleigh Johnson

The Heath Hawk power lifting team competed recently in Royce City.  Power lifting resembles the sport of Olympic weight lifting, as both disciplines involve lifting weights in three attempts. Lifters train and work really hard to be successful in each event; the Hawks really pulled through and made our school proud.  The three different parts of the event are squat, bench press, and dead lift. They can compete raw or equipped.  T hat is, with or without certain supportive equipment.  Each athlete is different when he trains; there are a wide variety of workout paths he can take for power lifting. Some boys struggled but it took drive, motivation, and determination to make it through training and leave the competition smiling,

This was the first meet of the year for the Hawks team. Happy to be competing in their first power lifting meet were Gentry Rogers, Dru Mayfield, Anthony Salvato, Brandon Young, Evan Higgbee and Jeremy Armstrong along with veterans Kevin Barron, and Jake Holliman who were excited to participate for something they have all worked for. After a tough competition, the boys were satisfied with their hard work and the results that paid off. Brandon Young placed 4th in the 165 lb division, Evan Higgbee placed 3rd in the 242 lb division, and Kevin Barron and Jake Holliman received 2nd in their division.  Holliman, a junior, set a new school record in the dead lift area of the competition with a 520 lb pull.  The Hawks competed hard and represented RHHS well for the event. The students felt accomplished with the competition and realized that even if it gets to be overwhelming, it is worth it in the end.


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