Starting a Chain: No, Not the Restaurant Kind

Jackson Seay, Staff Writer
October 25, 2012

Change would not be possible without a cause. The people in Chain Reaction Club fight for one such cause. Chain Reaction Club’s (CRC) cause is all about creating a “chain” and then spreading change through it. CRC helps new students, the hungry, and other people who do not have everything they... Read more »


Katie Chandler, Staff Writer
October 24, 2012

It is a basic biological fact that the human body was not constructed to swim. we do not have gills, fins, or aquatic lungs. Hence, it is safe to assert that swimming is a different type of sport for a different type of athlete, and not nearly as easy as the athletes make it appear. However, the empty... Read more »

Highsteppers kick it off right!

October 24, 2012

Our Heart of Heath, the Highsteppers, are more than jump splits and high kicks. Our 2012-2013 drill team has started this year off on a high note. The Highsteppers are ahead of the game this year as they prepare for their traditional performances. This time last year the drill team was struggling to... Read more »

Buzz Kill

Alison Blanchard, Staff Member
October 24, 2012

The night starts off with people walking through the gates, most coming in through the home side, and being bombarded with RHS yellow jackets merchandise. As they walk past the booths, they head towards the stands.  The audience shows up around 6:30 P.M. on a Friday night. When they first walk in, they... Read more »

Marching for Money

Victoria Sewell, Staff Writer
October 24, 2012

Left! Left! Left! Right! Left! The Rockwall-Heath’s Mighty Hawk Band yells as the melody plays during the annual March-A-Thon. The Mighty Hawk Band has done this every year since 2009. This event is where the whole Heath band marches for donations. The band preforms a few stand tunes (music the band... Read more »

Pink Out Won’t Blink Out

Kayla Bender, Staff Writer
October 24, 2012

On September 28th, the Rockwall Heath Highsteppers and Rockwall Stingerettes performed at the I-30 Classic, otherwise known as the Rockwall vs. Rockwall Heath game, to bring awareness to Breast Cancer. Both teams showed their support during Victory Lines, Pre-Games,  and performing with their feeding... Read more »

PSAT: Panicked Students Anxiety Test?

Imma Lugtu, Staff Writer
October 24, 2012

Pencils, booklets, students, and calculators fill the quiet classrooms of sophomores and juniors taking the Preliminary SAT, or simply, the PSAT. Students have been preparing for the PSAT at RHHS on Wednesday, October 17. The PSAT is a standardized test from the College Board and the National Merit Scholarship... Read more »

Fried Fun

Kayla Johnson, Staff Writer
October 23, 2012

Fried chicken, fried fish, fried Oreos, and fried butter are annual treats to fried food fanatics. The Texas State Fair features all of these tasty treats, and people go to the fair in search of the newest ride or the coolest car, but many  focus on just one thing: trying to find the weirdest thing... Read more »

Volleyball 5A-12 District Champs

Ann Knostman, Contributing Writer
October 23, 2012

Congratulations to the Lady Hawk Volleyball team.  They secured the title of 12-5A District Champions  with a win against Rockwall High School.  The team has an undefeated district record of 12-0.  The first Bi-District Game will be Tuesday, October 30, at 7:30 p.m. against Lakeview Centennial.  The... Read more »

Surviving Junior Year

Alison Deere, Staff Writer
October 22, 2012

“This is going to be the worst year of your life” is not an encouraging sentiment to hear from not one, but many trusted friends. However, this is the way I began my junior year. This all-too-important year is difficult to survive without serious consequences to your health, stress levels, and grades.... Read more »

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