On the Field with Varsity Soccer

January 28, 2011

Raynie Sewell Soccer is the most recognized sport in today’s society.  The reason for this maybe the fact that billions of children play it every year and thousands try to go pro with it in the United States alone. Most high schools in the United States offer soccer to their students as a school organization... Read more »

Making a Splash

January 28, 2011

By: Maddie Kipphut The humidity is high, and the sound of splashing and moving water echoes around me as I wait for Jonathan Sherwin, senior, to walk out of the locker room. When he walked out nonchalantly, he had a towel wrapped around his neck, water bottle in hand, with a half eaten power bar in the... Read more »

Power Lifting Team Competes/Holliman Breaks School Record

January 28, 2011

by Ashleigh Johnson The Heath Hawk power lifting team competed recently in Royce City.  Power lifting resembles the sport of Olympic weight lifting, as both disciplines involve lifting weights in three attempts. Lifters train and work really hard to be successful in each event; the Hawks really pulled... Read more »

Freshman-Black Girls Basketball Recap

January 28, 2011

By: Amber Griffith Our freshman-black girls basketball team has had ups and downs throughout the season, but they have still made it through. At their first game of the season against Wylie, coach Martin said that the girls represented RHHS very well. “They held Wylie scoreless in the fourth courter,”... Read more »

Band Standouts Receive All-State Recognition

January 28, 2011

By: Amber Griffith Congratulations to our four all-state band members: seniors Jake Prentice  on Bassoon, Darara Borodge on Baritone, Wesley Lacson  on percussion, and junior Gage Mayborn on Bari Saxophone. We are privileged to have four people to receive All-State honors.  Most schools are lucky... Read more »

“Beads Of Hope” Raise Cancer Awareness

January 27, 2011

By Kaylee Griffin  On early release day January 26th, the Friends of Rachel Club and all art teachers began making “Beads of Hope” in Mrs. Hopper’s art room 1134.  Everyone was invited to help. Bead making started around one and ended around three. The beads were made in honor of Freshman, Peyton... Read more »

Phones in Class

January 27, 2011

By Morgan Gnader There are advantages and disadvantages of teenagers using their cell phones in class. In a school such as RHHS, the majority of students who go here have a cell phone and use it everyday. Teachers, students, and parents all have different viewpoints on the subject and I had the chance... Read more »

Prince William to Marry Commoner

January 27, 2011

By: Natalie Tucker Prince William of Wales is to marry Kate Middleton are to be married on the 29th of April in 2011! William, second in line to the throne and the supreme governorship of the Church of England, proposed to his fiancée over the holidays in Kenya in October with his mother’s diamond... Read more »

Heath Students Question Nowitzki

January 13, 2011

Photo provided by Jochen Hotz         On January 6th, students traveled to the American Airlines Center to watch the Dallas Mavericks play the Oklahoma Thunder. The German Club and German Honor Society sold over 80 tickets to the game. Mavericks fans were disappointed That Dirk Nowitzki did not... Read more »

Senior Photos Needed

January 11, 2011

Senior advisers are in the process of collecting photos for the prom slide show. We would like to have as much participation as possible and ideally would have every student represented. Students and parents may bring in pictures to be scanned, email pictures, or send them in on storage. Please send... Read more »

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