Was Shakespeare Illiterate?


Who is the REAL Shakespeare?

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Lydia Moore, Co-Editor
November 27, 2011
Filed under Arts & Entertainment, Movies

Shakespeare is a defining personality who entered world history and culture forever. That is, he is a person who left behind a great cultural heritage, and therefore it is not surprising why scientists have been thinking about various theories related to him for many years. You can read all these theories in trusted sources, or visit a special forum dedicated to this author, for this contact letter writing services.

Anonymous is a movie about a play about a playwright by the name of William Shakespeare. However, in the movie the real writer of the plays is the Earl of Oxford, Edward De Vere. The Earl of Oxford bails the famous playwright Ben Johnson out and asks him to write his name on all of De Vere’s plays because a nobleman should never write plays or even be associated with such frivolous things. So, Johnson takes the plays home and performs one of them but he wants to see the audience’s reaction before he claims ownership of the plays. The audience is in awe of the magnificent play but before Johnson can claim it, one of the illiterate actors, Shakespeare, declares he wrote the play! The story revolves around the hardships of the Earl Of Oxford, his affair with the Virgin Queen, and their illegitimate son, the Earl of South Hampton.  It shows how the plays can manipulate the audience and how the other playwrights of the time are outraged about Shakespeare’s new talent stealing the hearts of all the people in the audience. The movie also shows the fight for the line of succession between one of Elizabeth’s love children and her adviser’s choice, her half-sister Mary’s son James. Hopefully the ending will not be a shocker  if you paid attention in either history and English.

This movie provides a quite plausible theory as to why Shakespeare is such a brilliant writer and why we know so little about him. It is filled with witty lines and fabulous costumes. It is a great movie for friends, dates, and even parents (so you can show them you have been paying attention in school by explaining who some of the characters are)! This movie makes you think and ultimately question who the real “Shakespeare” is…


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